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In 1999, Enverus was founded as Drillinginfo, a groundbreaking provider of reliable oil & gas data, when the industry was on the brink of a digital revolution—a revolution that we would eventually fuel. Over the years, we grew exponentially through product innovation, market expansion, and acquisitions. Today, we are the energy industry’s leading data, insights, and software company, helping customers outpace their competition and influence their respective industries.

Our cutting-edge SaaS platform delivers innovative solutions to the oil & gas analytics, trading & risk, and business automation segments over mobile, web, and desktop platforms. We provide value to customers across the entire energy industry, including the upstream, minerals, oilfield services, financial services, midstream, refining, power, and industrial segments.

In the summer of 2019, Drillinginfo rebranded as Enverus to better represent our growing range of solutions and vision for the future. Enverus (said “en-vair-uhs”) represents the industry we serve (EN), the insight and vision we bring you through our solutions (VER), and the collaboration within our team and our commitment to you (US). Together, EN-VER-US represents our promise and commitment to you, our customers, and our employees.

Enverus is comprised of three segments:

Enverus Drillinginfo – Oil & gas is our legacy and central to every part of our expanded business. This segment provides oil & gas analytics solutions that help customers make data-driven decisions that help keep our houses warm, our motors running, and our futures bright.

Enverus Trading & Risk – In 2017, we acquired GlobalView (MarketView), PRT, and DataGenic, which now make up our Enverus Trading & Risk segment. With our cutting-edge upstream and downstream products, these complete end-to-end solutions help reduce risk and make better trading decisions.

Enverus Business Automation – From 2018–2019, we acquired Oildex, Cortex, and EnergyLink, which now make up our Enverus Business Automation segment. These solutions provide customers with the information and insights necessary to plan for the future and uncover inefficiencies and opportunities.

Enverus has more than 1,000 employees around the globe and serves more than 5,000 customers across 50 countries. We are headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Chicago; Dallas; Denver; Houston; Oklahoma City; Midland, Texas; New York; Oklahoma City; Savannah, Tennessee; Bangalore, India; Calgary, Alberta; London; Santander, Spain; Singapore; and Stonehouse, U.K.


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