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2022 NLA Scientific Sessions Abstracts

Click on the posters to see an enlarged version, or scan the QR Codes with your phone to have a touch-free experience. 

A Complex Case: Patient with Elevated Lp(a) and Debilitating Stroke

Presenting Author: Jordan Lindekens
Authors: Daniel Soffer

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Kiosk 12

Genetic Testing in Hypertriglyceridemia in Academic Lipid Clinics – Implication for Precision Medicine.

Presenting Author: Matthew Deshotels
Authors: Trevor D. Hadley, MD, Mendel Roth, PhD, Ali M. Agha, MD, Vishnu Priya Pulpati, MD, Anne K. Nugent, MPH, Salim S. Virani, MD, PhD, Vijay Nambi, MD, PhD, Patrick M. Moriarty, MD, Michael H. Davidson, MD, Christie M. Ballantyne, MD


Kiosk 12

Association of Systemic Inflammation with Lipid Profiles and Management in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Presenting Author: Avi Aronov
Authors: Yoo Jin Kim, Noreen T Nazir

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Kiosk 12

Marked Hypoleptinemia Precedes Overt Fat Loss In Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-induced Acquired Generalized Lipodystrophy

Presenting Author: Maheswaran Dhanasekaran
Authors: Rashi Sandooja MD, Alexandra S. Higgins MD, Vinaya Simha MD


Kiosk 12

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