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2022 NLA Scientific Sessions Abstracts

Click on the posters to see an enlarged version, or scan the QR Codes with your phone to have a touch-free experience. 

GOULD EDU: Primary Results of a Cluster-Randomized Trial of an Educational Intervention to Improve Guideline Adherence and Intensification of Lipid-Lowering Therapy

Presenting Author: Christie Ballantyne
Authors: Mikhail N. Kosiborod MD, Christie M. Ballantyne MD, Deepak L. Bhatt MD MPH, James A. de Lemos MD, Qi Gao MS, Naishu Kui MS, Robert S. Rosenson MD, Katherine E. Mues PhD MPH, Jason Exter PharmD, Shushama Alam PharmD, Christopher P. Cannon MD


Kiosk 15

Universal screening for familial hypercholesterolaemia in two populations

Presenting Author: Urh Groselj
Authors: Ursa Sustar, Matej Mlinaric, Jernej Kovac, Stefan Arens, Katarina Sedej, Barbara Jenko Bizjan, Katarina Trebusak Podkrajsek, Thomas Danne, Tadej Battelino, Olga Kordonouri

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Kiosk 15

Association Between Dietary Fat Content and Serum Lipoprotein(a) Level

Presenting Author: Nimai Patel
Authors: Eric Brandt


Kiosk 15

Effects Of Icosapent Ethyl On Plasma Ceramides And Coronary Plaque Progression In EVAPORATE Trial

Presenting Author: Suvasini Lakshmanan
Authors: Lakshmanan S; Benanzer TM; Meeusen J; Donato L; Bhatt DL; Kinninger A; Golub I; Kopecky S; Hyun MC; Scott CG; Nelson JR; Budoff MJ; Ito MK; Jaffe AS; Vasile VC


Kiosk 15

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