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2022 NLA Scientific Sessions Abstracts

Click on the posters to see an enlarged version, or scan the QR Codes with your phone to have a touch-free experience. 

Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension: The Potential Role of Cholesterol Crystals in the Maternal Decidua

Presenting Author: Robert Wild
Authors: Robert Wild, Carolyn M. Salafia, Nigel Paneth, Ruchit Shah, Ma T, Tracy Thomas,George S. Abela

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Kiosk 2

Characterization of inclisiran use in real world: Prescription data from Germany

Presenting Author: Jason Lecocq
Authors: Raquel Lahoz, Sven Klebs, Christian Mann, Jason Lecocq, Rebecca Zingel, Divyagiri Seshagiri


Kiosk 2

A Randomized Study to Evaluate the Effect of an “Inclisiran First” Implementation Strategy vs Usual Care in Patients with Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease and Elevated Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol: Rationale and Design of the VICTORION-INITIATE Trial

Presenting Author: Michael Koren
Authors: Michael Koren, Cara East, Fatima Rodriguez, Robert Stoekenbroek, Dion Zappe, Peter P. Toth, Jennifer Robinson


Kiosk 2

Novel Use of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange and Evinacumab in a Patient with Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Presenting Author: Alexandra Sykes
Authors: Amber P. Sanchez, Joseph L. Witztum, Michael J. Wilkinson

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Kiosk 2

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