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TB Nurse Case Management/TB Nurse Competency

From Competencies to Curriculum:  Preparing

Virtual Training Modules for TB Nurse Case Management

Presenting Author: Alonis, A.
Authors: Alonis, A. and Raftery, A.


Comprehensive TB Nurse Consultation Innovations in Washington

Presenting Author: Dov, L.K.
Authors: Bargman, C., Dov, L.K., Hubber, J.M., Miller, D.L., and Pecha, M.J.

NTCA - Poster 2.png

RideShare in Rhode Island:  Increasing Access to Healthcare While Maximizing Resources

Presenting Author: Howe, K.
Authors: Howe, K., Lamantia, J., and Hippochen, A.

NTCA Poster 3.png

Evaluating the Impact of COVID-19 on Virginia’s TB Program

Presenting Author: Waters, A.V.
Authors: Waters, A.V., Khalil, A.M., Tingley, J.C., Young, L.R., and Hearn, J.L.

NTCA Poster 4.png

Educate to End Tuberculosis (TB): Improving

Public Health Nurse Investigative Proficiency through Novel Guidelines for Food Processing Facilities in a Low TB Incidence State

Presenting Author: Winans, K.

05_2022NTC_WinansK_Educate to End Tuberculosis (TB).jpg

Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis: Clinically

And Personally

Presenting Author: Brungo, L.
Authors: Brungo, L., Bihler, E., and Nightingale, B.S.

NTCA Poster 6.png

Contact/Cluster/Outbreak Investigations

Estimating Tuberculosis Contact Investigation Costs in the United States:  A Systematic Review

Presenting Author: Beeler Asay, G.
Authors: Nije, G, Young, K ., and Beeler Asay, G.

NTCA Poster 7.png

Effective Communicating in an Interstate

TB Genotyping Cluster Investigation

Using the Cluster Investigation Tool  (CLINTool)

Presenting Author: McElhany, S.
Authors: McElhany, S, and Blake, H.

NTCA Poster 8.png

Have You Lately Assessed Occurrence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Laboratory Cross-Contamination in Your State? Arkansas' experience in 2021

Presenting Author: Mukasa, L.
Authors: Mukasa, L., Maturino, V., Herndon, M., and Chai, S.

NTCA Poster 9.png

Demystifying Multiple Recurrent TB Patients within a TB Genotyping Cluster between Two States – The Value of the wgSNP

Analysis and Communication

Presenting Author: Poonja, S.
Authors: Poonja, S., Colliflower, J., Hsu, S., Dasgupta-Tskinikas, S., McElhany, S., and Blake, H.

NTCA Poster 10.png

TB and COVID-19

The Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on Tuberculosis Contact Investigation in New York City

Presenting Author: Gao, G.
Authors: Gao, G., Salerno, M., Simmons, C., Chuck, C., Galvis, M., Macaraig, M., and Burzynski, J.

NTCA Poster 11.png

Increased Video-telehealth Utilization Among Tuberculosis Patients in New York City During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presenting Author: Ingram C.
Authors: Ingram, C., Gao, G., Easton, Humphrey, Salerno, M., Buchanan, Whitehead, Chuck, C., Macaraig, M., Robinson, E., Dworkin, F., Burzynski, J., Nilsen, D., and the NYC Telehealth Workgroup

NTCA Poster 12.png

Facilitating Access to COVID-19 Vaccines for Persons with Tuberculosis in New York City

Presenting Author: Macaraig, M.
Authors: Gao, G.,  Calle Nivelo, J., Salerno, M., Burzynski J., Robinson E., and Macaraig. M.

NTCA Poster 13.png

Disruptions to Tuberculosis Services and Capacity During the COVID-19 Responsein California, January 2020 – August 2021

Presenting Author: Nabity, S.
Authors: Nabity, S., Fong, V., Keh, C., and Flood, J.

NTCA Poster 14.png

Estimating the Potential Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Future TB in the United States

Presenting Author: Swartwood, N.A.
Authors: Swartwood, N.A., Cohen, T., Marks, S.M., Hill, N., Beeler Asay, G.R., Horsburgh, C., Langer, A., Self, J., Salomon, J.A., and Menzies, N.A.


TB Epidemiology and Surveillance

Marshallese Tuberculosis Analysis in Garfield County, Oklahoma

Presenting Author: Adowei, F.

NTCA Poster 16.png

A Dashboard to Track Evaluated to Verified Tuberculosis (TB) in a Large TB Jurisdiction, Los Angeles County, California, 2017-2021

Presenting Author: Lan, E.
Authors: Lan, E., Guevara, R.E., and Higashi, J.M.


Data Quality Assessment of the US Tuberculosis Follow-Up Records for Immigrants and Refugees in the Electronic Disease Notification (EDN) System during January 2015 - June 2020

Presenting Author: Lee, D.
Authors: Dam, A., Smith, R., and Lee, D.


TB-Related Conditions Among U.S.-Bound Immigrants and Refugees — Electronic Disease Notification System, United States, 2014-2019

Presenting Author: Phares, C.R.
Authors: Phares, C.R., Liu, Y., Wang, Z., Posey, D.L., Lee, D., Jentes, E., Weinberg, M., Mitchell, T., Stauffer, W., Self, J.L., and Marano, N.

NTCA Poster 19.png

Characterizing Tuberculosis Reporting Delays in New York City Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic – January 2019 to October 2021

Presenting Author: Portier, T.
Authors: Portier, T., Trieu, L., Ahuja, S., and Knorr, J.

06_2022NTC_PortierT_Characterizing tuberculosis reporting delays in.jpg

Hospitalizations with TB, California 2009-2017

Presenting Author: Readhead, A.
Authors: Readhead, A , Cooksey, G , Flood, J., and Barry, P.

NTCA Poster 21.png

Targeted Testing and Treatment

Effectiveness of a Worksite Public Health LTBI Clinic

Presenting Author: Dunbar, C.
Authors: Dunbar, C., Bergitt, A., Harris, E., Fung, B., Ramnani, K., Radner, A., Gates, B., Michie, K., and Moreno, E.

NTCA Poster 23.png

Using a Community of Practice to Encourage the Use of Care Cascades for LTBI Intervention Planning and Evaluation, San Diego, CA

Presenting Author: Garfein, R.
Authors: Garfein, R., Bender, C., Santibanez, M., Kadakia, A., and Wooten, W.


Treatment of Pediatric Tuberculosis Infection Varies Across Provider Settings in Los Angeles County, California, 2018-2020

Presenting Author: Malhotra, S.
Authors: Malhotra, S., Dasgupta-Tsinikas, S., Yumul, J., Guevara, R., Kaneta, K., Lenz, A., Kizzee, R., Bihm, D., Jung, C., Neely, M., Bender, J.M., and Higashi, J.M.

NTCA Poster 26.png

A Practical Guidebook for Primary Care Clinics to Improve Their TB Prevention Activities

Presenting Author: Salcedo, K.
Authors: Salcedo, K., Wendorf, K., Asfaha, S., Polony, A., Flood, J., Miller, C., and Katrak, S.

NTCA Poster 27.png

Latent Tuberculosis Infection Prescribing Practices Analysis Virginia 2019-2021

Presenting Author: Murphey, C.

NTCA Poster 25.png

Potential Cost Reductions from Artifical Intelligence Enabled Video Directly Observed Tuberculosis Therapy in Los Angeles County, CA

Presenting Author: Beeler Assay, G.
Authors: Beeler Assay, G,. Woodruff, R., Henandez, A.D., and McMullen, S.

NTCA Poster 28.png

TB Diagnosis and Treatment

Recommendations for Evaluation and “Rule Out” of Suspected Cases of Pulmonary M.tb in Kentucky

Presenting Author: Rhea, C.
Authors: Rhea, C., Anderson, E, and Stephens

NTCA Poster 30.png

Urine Colorimetry for Tuberculosis Pharmacokinetics Evaluation in Children and Adults

Presenting Author: Xie, Y.
Authors: Handler, D., Petros De Guex, K., Rao, P., Modi, N., Kagan, L., Siemiatkowska, A., Narayanan, N., Lardizabal, A., Peloquin, C., Khalil, A., Woods, P., Young, L., Vinnard, C., Thomas, T., Xie, Y., and Heysell, S.

03_2022NTC_HandlerD_Urine Colorimetry for Tuberculosis Pharmacokinetics.jpg

TB Knowledge, Education and Training

Tuberculosis Testing and Treatment: Assessing Primary Care Provider Behaviors

Presenting Author: Bouwkamp, B.
Authors: Bouwkamp, B., Caruso, E., DeLuca, N., Maiuri, A., Mangan, J.

NTCA Poster 32.png

Perceptions of Risk for Tuberculosis Among

Hispanic Adults Living with Diabetes

Presenting Author: Caruso, E.
Authors: Caruso, E., Bouwkamp, B., Mairuri, A., DeLuca, N., and Mangan, J.

NTCA Poster 33.png

Redesigned Online Latent TB Infection Resource Hub for Increased Usability

Presenting Author: Crooks, K.
Authors: Crooks, K., Allen, L., Yadav, C., and Rossetti, A.

03_2022NTC_CrooksK_Redesigned Online Latent TB Infection Resource.jpg

Using a Digital First Approach to Communicate and Disseminate Findings from the 2020 National Tuberculosis Surveillance Report

Presenting Author: Moore, M.
Authors: Moore, M., Yadav, C., LaHaye, T., Allen, L., Tsang, C., Pratt, R., Feng, P.J., Augustine, R., Forbes, D., Lambert, L., Self, J., Walker, W., and Kammerer, S.

04_2022NTC_MooreM_Using a Digital First Approach.jpg

Results from Incorporating Active Learning in

a Flipped Training

Presenting Author: Nixon, S.
Authors: Nixon, S., Gunn, A., Simpson, K., Setzer, D., and Lauzardo, M.

NTCA Poster 36.png

Flipping a F2F Course Using the ADDIE Instructional Design Model

Presenting Author: Nixon, S.
Authors: Nixon, S., Gunn, A., Simpson, K., Setzer, D., and Lauzardo, M.

NTCA Poster 37.png

Creating an Inclusive Communications Campaign for Latent Tuberculosis (TB) Infection

Presenting Author: DeLuca, N.
Authors: Parmer, J., Allen, L., DeLuca, N.

NTCA Poster 38.png

Enhancing Web-based Health Education through Quality Training: Revamping the CDC TB 101 Online Course

Presenting Author: Sera-Josef, C.
Authors: Sera-Josef, C., Kenney, J., Segerlind, S., Bouwkamp, B., Marlowe, B., and Yadav, C.

Poster 39.png

Teach-Back Method to Improve Patient Understanding od Reportable Side Effects from Tuberculosis Drug Therap

Presenting Author: Villarreal, K.

NTCA Poster 40.png

TB in Special Populations

Impact of Tuberculosis Investigations in Philadelphia Congregate Care Setting: Opportunities for Improvement and Collaboration

Presenting Author: Ancharski, A.
Authors: Ancharski, A., Bradley, K., Rossman, S., and Gould, J.

NTCA Poster 41.png

Congenital Tuberculosis: Successful Treatment of a Mother/Child Pair

Presenting Author: Ariail, K.
Authors: Asher, C., Jenkins, R., Ariaril, K., and Behm, H.

NTCA Poster 42.png

Interferongamma Release Assay (IGRA) Sensitivity Among Older Adults with Active TB

Presenting Author: Plourde, A.
Authors: Plourde, A., Readhead, A., Flood, J., and Barry, P.

NTCA Poster 43.png