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TB Nurse Case Management/TB Nurse Competency

From Competencies to Curriculum:  Preparing

Virtual Training Modules for TB Nurse Case Management

Presenting Author: Alonis, A.
Authors: Alonis, A. and Raftery, A.


Comprehensive TB Nurse Consultation Innovations in Washington

Presenting Author: Dov, L.K.
Authors: Bargman, C., Dov, L.K., Hubber, J.M., Miller, D.L., and Pecha, M.J.

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RideShare in Rhode Island:  Increasing Access to Healthcare While Maximizing Resources

Presenting Author: Howe, K.
Authors: Howe, K., Lamantia, J., and Hippochen, A.

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Evaluating the Impact of COVID-19 on Virginia’s TB Program

Presenting Author: Waters, A.V.
Authors: Waters, A.V., Khalil, A.M., Tingley, J.C., Young, L.R., and Hearn, J.L.

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Educate to End Tuberculosis (TB): Improving

Public Health Nurse Investigative Proficiency through Novel Guidelines for Food Processing Facilities in a Low TB Incidence State

Presenting Author: Winans, K.

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Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis: Clinically

And Personally

Presenting Author: Brungo, L.
Authors: Brungo, L., Bihler, E., and Nightingale, B.S.

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