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Contact/Cluster/Outbreak Investigations

Estimating Tuberculosis Contact Investigation Costs in the United States:  A Systematic Review

Presenting Author: Beeler Asay, G.
Authors: Nije, G, Young, K ., and Beeler Asay, G.

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Effective Communicating in an Interstate

TB Genotyping Cluster Investigation

Using the Cluster Investigation Tool  (CLINTool)

Presenting Author: McElhany, S.
Authors: McElhany, S, and Blake, H.

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Have You Lately Assessed Occurrence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Laboratory Cross-Contamination in Your State? Arkansas' experience in 2021

Presenting Author: Mukasa, L.
Authors: Mukasa, L., Maturino, V., Herndon, M., and Chai, S.

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Demystifying Multiple Recurrent TB Patients within a TB Genotyping Cluster between Two States – The Value of the wgSNP

Analysis and Communication

Presenting Author: Poonja, S.
Authors: Poonja, S., Colliflower, J., Hsu, S., Dasgupta-Tskinikas, S., McElhany, S., and Blake, H.

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