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TB Epidemiology and Surveillance

Marshallese Tuberculosis Analysis in Garfield County, Oklahoma

Presenting Author: Adowei, F.

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A Dashboard to Track Evaluated to Verified Tuberculosis (TB) in a Large TB Jurisdiction, Los Angeles County, California, 2017-2021

Presenting Author: Lan, E.
Authors: Lan, E., Guevara, R.E., and Higashi, J.M.


Data Quality Assessment of the US Tuberculosis Follow-Up Records for Immigrants and Refugees in the Electronic Disease Notification (EDN) System during January 2015 - June 2020

Presenting Author: Lee, D.
Authors: Dam, A., Smith, R., and Lee, D.


TB-Related Conditions Among U.S.-Bound Immigrants and Refugees — Electronic Disease Notification System, United States, 2014-2019

Presenting Author: Phares, C.R.
Authors: Phares, C.R., Liu, Y., Wang, Z., Posey, D.L., Lee, D., Jentes, E., Weinberg, M., Mitchell, T., Stauffer, W., Self, J.L., and Marano, N.

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Characterizing Tuberculosis Reporting Delays in New York City Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic – January 2019 to October 2021

Presenting Author: Portier, T.
Authors: Portier, T., Trieu, L., Ahuja, S., and Knorr, J.

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Hospitalizations with TB, California 2009-2017

Presenting Author: Readhead, A.
Authors: Readhead, A , Cooksey, G , Flood, J., and Barry, P.

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