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Targeted Testing and Treatment

Effectiveness of a Worksite Public Health LTBI Clinic

Presenting Author: Dunbar, C.
Authors: Dunbar, C., Bergitt, A., Harris, E., Fung, B., Ramnani, K., Radner, A., Gates, B., Michie, K., and Moreno, E.

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Using a Community of Practice to Encourage the Use of Care Cascades for LTBI Intervention Planning and Evaluation, San Diego, CA

Presenting Author: Garfein, R.
Authors: Garfein, R., Bender, C., Santibanez, M., Kadakia, A., and Wooten, W.


Treatment of Pediatric Tuberculosis Infection Varies Across Provider Settings in Los Angeles County, California, 2018-2020

Presenting Author: Malhotra, S.
Authors: Malhotra, S., Dasgupta-Tsinikas, S., Yumul, J., Guevara, R., Kaneta, K., Lenz, A., Kizzee, R., Bihm, D., Jung, C., Neely, M., Bender, J.M., and Higashi, J.M.

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A Practical Guidebook for Primary Care Clinics to Improve Their TB Prevention Activities

Presenting Author: Salcedo, K.
Authors: Salcedo, K., Wendorf, K., Asfaha, S., Polony, A., Flood, J., Miller, C., and Katrak, S.

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Latent Tuberculosis Infection Prescribing Practices Analysis Virginia 2019-2021

Presenting Author: Murphey, C.

NTCA Poster 25.png

Potential Cost Reductions from Artifical Intelligence Enabled Video Directly Observed Tuberculosis Therapy in Los Angeles County, CA

Presenting Author: Beeler Assay, G.
Authors: Beeler Assay, G,. Woodruff, R., Henandez, A.D., and McMullen, S.

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