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TB Diagnosis and Treatment

Recommendations for Evaluation and “Rule Out” of Suspected Cases of Pulmonary M.tb in Kentucky

Presenting Author: Rhea, C.
Authors: Rhea, C., Anderson, E, and Stephens

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Urine Colorimetry for Tuberculosis Pharmacokinetics Evaluation in Children and Adults

Presenting Author: Xie, Y.
Authors: Handler, D., Petros De Guex, K., Rao, P., Modi, N., Kagan, L., Siemiatkowska, A., Narayanan, N., Lardizabal, A., Peloquin, C., Khalil, A., Woods, P., Young, L., Vinnard, C., Thomas, T., Xie, Y., and Heysell, S.

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