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TB Knowledge, Education and Training

Tuberculosis Testing and Treatment: Assessing Primary Care Provider Behaviors

Presenting Author: Bouwkamp, B.
Authors: Bouwkamp, B., Caruso, E., DeLuca, N., Maiuri, A., Mangan, J.

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Perceptions of Risk for Tuberculosis Among

Hispanic Adults Living with Diabetes

Presenting Author: Caruso, E.
Authors: Caruso, E., Bouwkamp, B., Mairuri, A., DeLuca, N., and Mangan, J.

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Redesigned Online Latent TB Infection Resource Hub for Increased Usability

Presenting Author: Crooks, K.
Authors: Crooks, K., Allen, L., Yadav, C., and Rossetti, A.

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Using a Digital First Approach to Communicate and Disseminate Findings from the 2020 National Tuberculosis Surveillance Report

Presenting Author: Moore, M.
Authors: Moore, M., Yadav, C., LaHaye, T., Allen, L., Tsang, C., Pratt, R., Feng, P.J., Augustine, R., Forbes, D., Lambert, L., Self, J., Walker, W., and Kammerer, S.

04_2022NTC_MooreM_Using a Digital First Approach.jpg

Results from Incorporating Active Learning in

a Flipped Training

Presenting Author: Nixon, S.
Authors: Nixon, S., Gunn, A., Simpson, K., Setzer, D., and Lauzardo, M.

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Flipping a F2F Course Using the ADDIE Instructional Design Model

Presenting Author: Nixon, S.
Authors: Nixon, S., Gunn, A., Simpson, K., Setzer, D., and Lauzardo, M.

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Creating an Inclusive Communications Campaign for Latent Tuberculosis (TB) Infection

Presenting Author: DeLuca, N.
Authors: Parmer, J., Allen, L., DeLuca, N.

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Enhancing Web-based Health Education through Quality Training: Revamping the CDC TB 101 Online Course

Presenting Author: Sera-Josef, C.
Authors: Sera-Josef, C., Kenney, J., Segerlind, S., Bouwkamp, B., Marlowe, B., and Yadav, C.

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Teach-Back Method to Improve Patient Understanding od Reportable Side Effects from Tuberculosis Drug Therap

Presenting Author: Villarreal, K.

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