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Veritas Total Solutions is a full-service management consulting partner specializing in energy and commodity trading and risk management. We help select, implement and upgrade CTRM systems, provide trading and risk advisory services and help organizations with transformational projects, especially around cloud technologies.  


A full list of services include:


  • CTRM Systems

  • Trading and Risk Advisory

  • Managed Service

  • Strategy and Transformation

  • Digital Technology


Our firm has served over 50 clients globally. We specialize in helping clients go through major transformations by combining our energy expertise, program management skills, and technical mastery to create a positive experience and lasting results.

One of the biggest reasons projects fail is due to poor project management or leadership. In our CTRM Project Management Done Right eBook, we detail the CTRM journey, different stages of “value curve” and how project management plays a key role in the success of a CTRM project.


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