Getting more from less out of your CTRM system

Hosted by Mike Burger, Partner and Co-Founder, Veritas Total Solutions

July 30th, 2020 2:00pm CST


Do you need to get more value out of your CTRM system?


Learn how an integrated approach and ambitious business goals are needed to maximize the value out of your CTRM System. Mike will investigate front and middle office CTRM value drivers including...


  • Consistent risk frameworks

  • PnL

  • Credit risk

  • New regulatory requirements

  • Strategic hedging

  • Monetization of assets

  • Real options

  • …and more!


Mike will share real case studies so you can see how Veritas uses trading analytics and data to make better decisions and realize more value out of CTRM systems.


About Veritas Total Solutions and Mike Burger: Veritas Total Solutions is an energy consulting firm based out of Houston, Texas. Veritas’s core services include Trading and Risk Advisory, CTRM Systems, Advanced Technology and Strategy and Transformation. Veritas has served over 50 energy clients globally over the past decade. Mike Burger is Partner and Co-Founder of Veritas Total Solutions. Mike has 38 years of industry experience in Upstream, Trading, Risk Management and CTRM Systems. Prior to Veritas, Mike led ETRM practices at MRE and Accenture, led OpenLink Financial’s Energy Division and held trading, engineering and field operation roles at Mobil.  

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